About Me 


I’m Julia and I’m a work-winning consultant and bid writer; copywriter; and proofreader with a strategic marketing background.

I support clients through working with their technical teams to write compelling submissions throughout the tendering process, through bid management support and lead authoring of submissions.

I help businesses grow through marketing consultancy and developing strategic marketing plans through to delivery of marketing and technical communications.

My proofreading services ensure businesses and personal customers can rest assured that every detail is checked before publication; from books to technical manuals; reports to correspondence.

What I can promise 


I’ll save you time, effort and money.

Let me concentrate on producing brilliant copy while you get on with what you do best. I'm results driven and will help you focus on what's going to deliver results.


Business-focused creativity.

I come from a project management and marketing consultancy background, so I'm results-focused, creative, flexible and thrive on pressure. If business cases, hard facts, customer connectivity and measurable results are what matters, then I’m the consultant and copywriter for you.


I get to grips with you, your brand, your goals and your project – fast. I research, I ask the right questions, I challenge and I get to the root of what you need to deliver. This enables me to produce content for your bid submission, website, report, proposal or book that drives action from your audience.

Speed and a great experience.

I’m easy to work with; many of my clients have been with me from the start. I nurture long-term relationships to support you and your business.

Value for money.

I left the corporate world to concentrate on the projects that put fire in my belly. I work on a project by project basis and I work with you flexibly so you only ever pay for the resource you use.  Simple, transparent and great value for money.

Artisan by name, artisan by nature. 

I don’t churn out lots of generic copy. I like working with individuals and brands, to create copy that makes a real and lasting connection with the reader, to win work and to drive change.

To live the brand, tone and personality. 

Great copywriting means I flex to your tone and style. I ensure your content is polished, expertly crafted, original and motivational. I'll help you stand out and clearly articulate what you have to offer and what you want to say.


What sets me apart? 

I’m fast and I don’t just mean when delivering. I’m really fast at taking in and understanding large amounts of technical data and information. Whether it’s financial, engineering, statistical, actuarial, scientific, or just plain complex; I get to grips with it quickly and turn it into clear, concise, digestible and engaging copy tailored to your audience.


I understand what makes people tick, so the copy I write moves people. Whether you want the reader to consider, think, understand, buy, click or call, I get results.


I share my expertise – if you want to do more in-house, I can help you up-skill.


A creative person that has an analytical and strategic mind, and is focused on results; that’s pretty rare and that’s what really sets me apart.


A bit more about me

I started The Word Artisan in 2012, and I provide work winning consultancy, bidwriting, strategic marketing support, copywriting and proofreading services to some of the largest infrastructure consultancies, boutique regeneration consultancies, marketing and print agencies, engineering and financial services companies and more. I specialise in technical content and work winning in the main, but I also work with some B2C brands.

I haven’t always been a consultant, copywriter and proofreader. In the dim and distant past I trained as a chef, cut my teeth in the hospitality trade and studied Business Management and Marketing. I’ve had a pretty interesting life so far and I’ve found my own special niche. I’ve been a strategic marketer and a copywriter in various roles for about 25 years now, consumer and business audiences. Before setting up my own company I worked in publishing, financial services, risk management and insurance. I worked in small businesses, but really honed my skills in the global corporate sector – it gave me the opportunity to work with some great business minds and interact with people all over the world.


Am I qualified?


In short, yes. I’ve got over 20 years’ experience, degree qualified in marketing, a member of the Institute of Direct Marketing (MIDM), trained in copywriting with the CIM and the marketing guru Jonathan Gabay. As a proofreader I work using the BSI standardised marks for proofing correction. That’s all great, but what's more important to my clients is the results I deliver.